USTI Integrated Fund Accounting Software

Fund Accounting

USTI’s integrated fund accounting and payroll solution will allow your organization to effectively manage multiple funds and projects. Budget availability is provided in reports, inquiries and as you process transactions. Solid audit trails are provided for transparency.

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USTI Utility Billing Software

Utility Billing

USTI’s utility billing software is a true cycle billing system that allows your organization to bill for unlimited metered, non-metered and non-recurring charges. Streamline your utility with integrated services orders, electronic readings, delinquent processing and integrated payments.

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USTI General Government Software

General Government

USTI’s general government software allows your organization to track and automate the processing of tax bills, permits, licenses and all code violations. Automate the renewals, inspections and reporting of all activities in your organization.

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USTI Municipal Courts & Public Safety Software

Municipal Courts & Public Safety

USTI’s municipal court and public safety modules are designed to automate the information gathering and reporting needs of municipal court and police departments. Citations are entered into the system once so that the data flows from the police to the integrated municipal court database.

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